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It is easy to forget the world is much bigger than what we see. Most of us are stuck in a loop that keeps showing us the same things again and again, and again…yet, we fear venturing into the unknown. The wish for adventure and the need for comfort is what makes us human. But we do not need to sacrifice one for the other.

As Place Filming, we combine our experience in branding and skills in capturing the essence of a place to produce a location video that eliminates the fear of the unknown. Place Filming takes you on a journey without requiring that you leave. No matter the distance, we can whisk you away in mere seconds…

We produce location branding content all over the world. Our skilled creative team based in Los Angeles and İstanbul, is made up of travelers, adventurers and creatives who thrive to produce more than just advertisements. Our experience in place branding drives our vision to expand horizons.